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Buy RITALIN Cheaply. RITALIN (METHYLPHENIDATE)10mg  (100 Pills) Manufacturer:  Novartis IUPAC  name:  methyl phenyl(piperidin-2-yl)acetate Trade names:  Methylphenidate, Concerta, Methylin, Attenta , Penid, Rubifen CAS number: 113-45-1

Methylphenidate, sold under the brand names Ritalin and Concerta among others, is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and, to a lesser extent, narcolepsy. It is a primary medication for ADHD; it may be taken by mouth or applied to the skin, and different formulations have varying durations of effect, commonly ranging from 2–4 hours. Though there is little to no evidence, and in some cases contradictory evidence, to support its use as an athletic performance enhancercognitive enhanceraphrodisiac or euphoriant, claims persist that it can be used for these purposes. Buy Ritalin Online anonymously

Common adverse reactions of RITALIN include: tachycardia, palpitations, headache, insomnia, anxiety, hyperhidrosis, weight loss, decreased appetite, dry mouth, nausea, and abdominal pain. Withdrawal symptoms may include: chills, depression, drowsiness, dysphoria, exhaustion, headaches, irritability, lethargy, nightmares, restlessness, suicidal thoughts, and weakness.

Buy RITALIN Online from us and get a free shipment RITALIN is believed to work by blocking the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine by neurons. It is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant of the phenethylamine and piperidine classes. Despite the claim made by some urban legends, it is not a cocaine derivative nor analog; cocaine is a local anesthetic and ligand channel blocker with SNDRI action, while methylphenidate is an NDRI with 2–3 fold selectivity for the dopamine transporter (DAT) over the norepinephrine transporter (NET). Cocaine is also more potent in serotonin transporters (SERTs) than NDRI sites.

RITALIN was first synthesized in 1944 and was approved for medical use in the United States in 1955. It was originally sold by Swiss company CIBA (now Novartis). It was estimated that the number of doses of methylphenidate used globally in 2013 increased by 66% compared to 2012. In 2020, it was the 41st most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 15 million prescriptions. It is available as a generic medication.

In the United Kingdom, through the National Health Service, the drug is first-line medication for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Buy RITALIN Online 10mg (100 Pills)